how to fix keyboard on laptop

Many computer issues are challenging to identify, given the wide range of possible causes. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether an issue is brought on by software or hardware. A faulty laptop keyboard is an example of this. A keyboard’s functionality might be inconsistent or nonexistent due to various hardware and software faults.

Typically, a laptop’s keyboard sits immediately on top of the device’s delicate electronics. Because of this, compared to a desktop computer, it is extremely challenging to repair. However, the majority of these keyboards’ issues may be resolved quickly.

There is still hope if your keyboard stops functioning. Before you take your laptop to a repair center or call customer care, make sure you go through this list of troubleshooting advice to see if you can fix the issue yourself, regardless of whether you have an Apple MacBook or a Windows laptop:

  • Restart your laptop.

Generally speaking, turning the computer off and back on again will be the first step you should take when you run into a serious enough computer issue to prevent you from finishing your work. This removes the system memory and reboots your applications. The required drivers and software may be available to get your laptop running properly again. Restarting your Windows or Mac computer is therefore necessary before continuing. Even the keyboard is not needed to perform this.

  • Clean up your keyboard.

Sometimes a hardware issue that appears to be serious at first is a rather minor issue. Especially if only part of your keys is malfunctioning. For instance, the keys might not function correctly because they are covered in dirt and debris. 

First, check the keys for dirt underneath the keycaps using a tiny brush or microfiber pad. Try to get rid of any debris that could have gotten stuck there.  Furthermore, spray pressured air from a can into the crevices between the keys for the deepest clean. Wipe away any debris or dried substances that have adhered to the surface using rubbing alcohol on a cloth. For more details, consult our cleaning a keyboard guide.

  • Find out whether it’s a hardware problem.

If the issue still exists after you’ve tried the simplest solutions, you might seek to figure out whether it is a Windows software issue or a hardware issue with the keyboard. Examining the keyboard’s functionality in a pre-boot context is the simplest approach to determine this. You may concentrate on software solutions if the keyboard functions properly before Windows starts. Otherwise, you should proceed directly to having the laptop repaired.

  • Check the drivers and settings for your keyboard.

The next simplest step in troubleshooting is to upgrade your keyboard driver if it appears that a software problem is causing your keyboard’s problems.

  • Make sure your keyboard is set up properly.

The keyboard layout may have been altered unintentionally if your keyboard only partially functions and scrambles the letters you try to input with odd or incorrect characters.

For laptop is running Windows:

  • After clicking Start, choose Settings.
  • Simply select Time & Language from the Settings window.
  • Select Language from the pane on the left.
  • Ensure the appropriate language is chosen in the Preferred Languages box, such as English (United States). If not, select Add a Language and enter the language.
  • Select your preferred language, then select Options.
  • Make sure the keyboard is the appropriate style for you, such as US-QWERTY.

For Mac, then:

  • Select System Preferences from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Choose keyboard.
  • Select Input Sources from the top-level tabs.
  • Check to see if the U.S. keyboard is displayed in the window on the left. If not, select the Show input menu box in the menu bar, then press the plus symbol to select a language.
  • Connect a wireless keyboard.

If your laptop’s keyboard isn’t functioning properly, connect an external USB keyboard to it. Whether your built-in keyboard has hardware or software problems, this keyboard will often function without any problems. While you work on fixing the laptop or wait for service, you can try this keyboard.

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