How To Fix Windows Updates Issue

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Windows are making regular updates and some of which cause problems to their users. While updating your Windows is necessary, a newly updated operating system could mean new adjustments and sometimes a handful of issues.

With that, we prepared a couple of recommended solutions should you encounter related problems with Windows updates.

Check Windows Update Utility

Windows updates usually work automatically and install software updates over the Internet. However, if your Windows is not updating then it is best to check your Windows Update Utility. See to it that it is running smoothly by clicking ‘Fix issues’ or setting your advanced options to ‘automatic’ in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Keep Services Running

Windows is operated by several services. Make sure that you have set running the services related to Windows update automatic to enable the update. Once you are done with setting the items on Windows Update properties to automatic, restart your device to see if the errors are still happening. 

Windows Update Troubleshooter

If setting all related services to Windows update is still up to no good, use the Windows Update Troubleshooter. Go to the Control Panel and choose to troubleshoot as an administrator. Wait for the software to detect and fix errors before exiting the program and restarting to update the Windows again.

Free System Capacity

Installing the new Windows updates may not continue as we thought it would be due to a lack of free space on the hard drive. Make sure to have room for the updates to avoid facing further issues with Windows updates.

Remove Other Security Software

Having third-party security software installed in your device may cause it to reject a new update to your operating system. Try to remove a third-party security software and proceed to check whether this was a factor of interest or not.