How To Fix A Laptop Not Charging

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Steps that you need to take if your Laptop Not Charging.

You may be here because your laptop not charging even when plugged into a power source. Dealing with a problem like that is frustrating enough especially if deadlines are coming up. Well, talk about a double kill. 

However, a laptop that can’t charge is no brainer once you’ll try the following tips below.

1.Remove Battery

If you own a laptop with a removable battery, then try removing them and plug the cable into a power source. If it works, then it is most likely that your charger is not the problem but your battery itself is damaged. Try to reinstall the battery and reboot.

But if your device does not function on a removable battery then it requires a much more techy person than you are. Seek professional help and let them run their diagnosis to identify why your laptop not charging then maybe have them fixed.


2.Examine Power Cords

There could be instances where the cord that was plugged in is not right, or there are chipped parts where the cable inside is bent or broken. Make sure to check along the length of your cord and determine whether it is the cause of your laptop not charging.

3.Let It Cool Down

Your battery is susceptible to heat. Therefore, there is a big chance that your laptop is overheating and cannot absorb more energy. Let our PC cool down to avoid a rise in temperature. Make sure to let the air in. Once your device has cooled down, try chagrin it again.

4.If Your Laptop Not Charging Call In The Experts

If nothing works and your laptop is still not charging, then it is best to reach out for professional help. They are well-versed in this field and will surely identify the core cause of the issue. Sometimes, we should rely upon the professionals to save both time and money rather than having it done by ourselves.