What to do When The computer is slow or freezes

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Nothing is more annoying than wanting to get things done at work fast and your computer slowing you down. After all, you just wanted to get through the day. But yes, I figured out your dilemma because here you are looking for some answers.

A computer that slows down or freezes can happen due to several reasons. Some of the issues include but are not limited to the following:

  • The computer is overloaded.
  • Downloaded programs are using a big part of the memory.
  • Malware attacks
  • Errors on your hard disk.
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If that sounds like yours, then you may try performing these basic maintenance and error checking methods to see whichever answers your problem. Surely, attempting the following methods can help you fix the issue yourself before spending a fortune on computer technicians.

  • Clear Data – Browsing the internet may cause your computer to use a space in your memory. Make sure to clear it regularly to avoid lagging or freezing. 
  • Close Programs – Keep track of your downloaded programs. Some programs are running automatically without you controlling them. With programs running altogether in the background, your computer will definitely slow down. Go to Task Manager and disable some unused programs.
  • Perform Malware Scan – Make sure to regularly check if your computer is infected by malware. Run a trusted anti-malware or an anti-virus scan. It can protect you from invading malware and viruses that can cause your computer to slow down or freeze.
  • Update Device Drivers – One reason for your computer slowing down is the use of outdated device drivers that cannot keep up with the current operating system. Ensure that your drivers are updated and correct.

Cool Down – Just like us, computers need to rest. Computers sometimes slow down when it is overheating. You may use programs to track your PC’s temperature or let it rest for a while.