Computer Start Up Or Power Up Issue Windows 10

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Computer Won’t Start Up?

You have been working non-stop on your laptop and suddenly computer won’t start up or power-up. These kinds of random breakdowns also cause us the fear of what might truly happen to our laptops. However, if you encounter an issue like this, try the following recommended fixes on what you can do for your thriving device.

Power Source

Your power source is vital in making your computer function well and if your cable is connected and still has no reaction to your device, then you probably have some power issues. Plug your computer into the main source and try to turn it on. 

If it works, then you are good to go but if it fails to function, it is time to seek power supply replacement.

Computer Won’t Start Up


If your monitor is still pitch black while you hear some background audio, it could indicate an issue with the display. Make sure to check whether your monitor is plugged in with its cord firmly attached, with no damage or bent parts. 

You also need to look at the edges whether there are signs of glitches or backlights.

Unplug Devices

Sometimes the root cause of your computer not starting up as you pushed the on button is because there is an interference with other plugged devices. It creates conflict with the power supply flow. 

Once you unplug unnecessary devices, restart your computer and run it again. If it shows displays, then it is for the better.

Beep Sound

A single beep could mean that your machine is working and that it should be okay. However, a series of beeps would mean the opposite. Your PC may have trouble starting up and you need to decode the meaning of the beeps based on the manual. 

If you do not have the manual, check the manufacturer’s website.