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We Are Different

KC computer recycling management is a unique service for the pre-collection packing, transport, recycling and obtaining highest financial return for your End of Life technology. Logistics, data security, disposal and environmental issues all have to be considered. With global accreditations, KCR leads in the transport, management of used or retired IT hardware and proper disposal through appropriate environmentally sound channels.

Data And Physical

Securely managing your confidential data and information on the hard drives throughout its lifecycle, is key to ensuring your information is destroyed responsibly. KCR revolutionized the HDD data destruction industry with enhanced tracking capabilities throughout the process and offers a variety of secure data destruction services to help you properly destroy obsolete and sensitive information. 

Our Business Model Delivers

  • Timely Quotation and commitment to process IT assets
  • Prompt collection, testing, and financial settlement
  • Comprehensive IT hardware asset management, reporting and logistics
  • PC Refurbishment and warranty services
  • Re-marketing across America and around the world

Computer Recycling Kansas City

When you dispose of the computers in your organization, do you think about their impact? There are both environmental and data security risk factors. That is why you should hire a reputable computer recycling company.

Our company offers computer recycling services for commercial customers. Our service is safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Every year, we recycle thousands of computers and PCs from companies, schools, universities, and town halls. Our professionally trained staff will load the equipment into our vehicles for processing at our site.

We don’t require you to bring us specific equipment or of a certain age to function. All types of computer hardware and peripherals can be recycled.

We’re using Green Recycling Methods

Equipment is recycled using methods that meet or exceed all state and federal environmental laws. PC disposal offers an environmentally friendly solution for recycling all IT and office equipment.

Here’s how our computer recycling service works:

Step 1:

You contact us detailing the computer waste that you have for disposal. Please also provide the collection address and access restrictions.

Step 2:

We will then provide you with a quotation for the collection and recycling of your redundant equipment.

Step 3:

We will then arrange to collect the equipment at a convenient time, using our own secure transportation.

Step 4:

We will then load the equipment into one of our vehicles and provide a duty of care waste notes.

Step 5:

Any computers that have a second life are reused. Non-working equipment is stripped for their materials to make use of what can be saved.

Step 6:

Once the recycling is complete, we will issue a recycling report and data destruction certificate where necessary.

We take data security very seriously, always in the process of recycling computers. A full data destruction service is provided as standard. This includes the removal and the shredding of hard drives. Here in our company, we prefer a physical destruction method to ensure that the data can not be recovered.

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