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Stop in for an affordable, speedy reliable Mac repair service in Kansas city. You may bring your Apple device to our CSE computer repair shop for a diagnostic and quick turn-around. If you prefer to have an CSE Mac repair technician come to you, contact us to schedule same-day IT service.

Why are we better than the Apple store? Here are some real customer scenarios for apple repair service:

My Mac is so slow.

I need help with my Apple products! You can either take a number or walk in anytime. Which option would you prefer? If you have a Mac issue, Apple asks you to reserve a time in advance. At CSE, you may drop in at your convenience. Time is of the essence, and we get that. If your Mac needs assistance or you require Apple repair service, we are here to help and resolve the issue for you promptly.

My MacBook doesn’t turn on.
The Genius Bar’s canned response is: “That will be $1,000 for the logic board replacement.” What?! CSE responds: “We’ll be happy to provide a on-the-spot diagnostic. We are able to directly repair the logic board and perform part replacements which would cut your Apple MacBook repair cost to a third of what the Apple store usually charges.”

I just spilled water on my MacBook Air. Can you help?

The Apple store automatically negates your pricey AppleCare or apple warranty support and reverts you to its $1,000 standard fee or tries to sell you a new Mac. CSE routinely performs Mac spill clean repairs and is able to save you hundreds of dollars by directly removing the spill damage. Further, data recovery is one of our specialties if your Mac looks far gone.

My iMac needs a repair? Top Apple Store in Kansas City MO has the fix​

Can you come to my home or office? Apple doesn’t make house calls. CSE gladly has a 25-tech team that will be able to assist you in the same day. You’ll receive a certified Apple technician who will take care of all your Apple repair needs.

I need to upgrade my MacBook.

The Apple store does not work on “older” Macs. Also, it does not perform basic upgrades, such as hardware repair, data recovery, RAM upgrades and hard drive upgrades. Why? They’re product-focused and want you to buy the newest MacBook. At CSE, we are service-focused and will do everything in our power to repair, upgrade, and save your precious MacBook. Yes, we actually care!

My Mac is only 6 years old but Apple won’t repair it because it is a “vintage” product that is too old to fix.

This one really gets us upset! You mean Apple manufactured a product that you paid a ton for, and they refuse to support it any longer?! Just awful! We gladly accept all vintage, antiques, and the most seriously challenged Mac that you need to have repaired. We certainly do not discriminate, welcoming all models, years, and Mac issues!

If you are looking out for apple repair store /apple repair near you in Kansas City or Overland Park, you are at the right place. At CSE computer repair services we offer affordable and great service. So next time you are looking for apple store repair near me, chose us!

Mac Repairs