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How to fix internet issue in laptop

Are you experiencing trouble connecting to the internet? Or does your internet connection show connected but you cannot access your email? Well, it means that your computer is connected but cannot reach the internet connection.

Here are some troubleshooting tips you might want to try to reconnect. 

Check Other Websites 

Before assuming that your internet connection is faulty, try browsing other platforms and see if it works. It could be that other devices work and your PC is having internal problems or the website itself is faulty. Another reason why you cannot access your email could be because the server is temporarily offline or under maintenance.

Cannot Access Internet or email

Run Network Troubleshooter if you Cannot Access Internet or email.

If your connection is running other devices, which means there could be something wrong with your computer’s network settings. Make sure to utilize your computer’s built-in Windows troubleshooter and try to rectify the problem. 

Reboot Devices

This may not be a smart move but rebooting your computer might clear up some temporary issues your computer is facing. Restarting your computer may help fix internet connection glitches. You may also try to reconnect your router or reboot your modem and if you’re lucky, you could have a better internet connection.

Check Firewall

One of the reasons why your computer cannot access internet or email is because of outdated or malfunctioning Firewall software. A firewall is installed on your PC to prevent unwanted network traffic and avoid blocking accessible network connections. Make sure to upgrade your software or temporarily disable it to track the core issue.

Confirm IP Address

IP Address conflict may suddenly occur when two devices are connected to one causing the other to have a faulty connection. Confirm that your computer has a valid IP Address. To do this, trace back to your router,  release and renew your IP address then connect to get online again.