Common Hardware and software issues and How To Initially Fix Them

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Your computer hardware could show problems that are difficult to fix especially for a non techy person. However, as your PC’s owner you need to do something to figure out what’s wrong and how to address the issue. 

In this article we prepared some of the common hardware issues and how to fix them in the fastest way possible.

No Display

There are instances where your computer could turn on but show no displays on screen. Hearing a beep could mean your computer is functioning except the display could be faulty. Other times it could be a series of beeps which indicates meaning and how to fix it. Check out computer beep codes to fix your problem.

Screen Freezes

Once your computer freezes and neither your keyboard or mouse is working, there could be a hardware issue you are not addressing. Try turning off your computer and reboot to Safe Mode. If it is still not working, install and reinstall to check for virus or malware attacks. Make sure to also update your security software.


Your device is susceptible to heat and sometimes your PC overheating could cause further faulty commands. Make sure to check your cooling system regularly or just have a clear airway to keep your computer breathing.

Not Powering Up

Another common issue is your computer is unable to power up. With this type of problem ensure that your power source is supplying enough energy to sustain your computer. Not to mention, check out along the cords. There could be something preventing your computer from receiving a sufficient power supply.

Blue Screen Of Death

This could be an end game for users. Encountering the blue screen of death can mean that there is a serious problem going on with both your software and hardware. Identify the main source of the issue to make the correct action to solve the problem. 

Take note there are various reasons why a BSOD is appearing on your screen, check to see the cause first before trying random solutions.