Can a laptop be fixed after liquid spill on it

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What To Do When You Spilled Liquid on Laptop

Spilled liquid on your laptop can happen to anyone! Due to a lot of factors, we may accidentally spill our beverages on the laptop and cause damage. However, if you know what to do when such problems occur, then you still have time to save or even minimize the damage it took.

Additionally, having a presence of mind could help you along the way. You need to remember to never panic. You need your body to react in time in order to save your device.

Here are some highly recommendable steps to salvage your laptop when such an emergency arises.

Turn Off Device

As soon as your laptop gets in contact with any liquid, make sure to disconnect the device from its power source. To simply put it, unplug the cable and make sure to fully turn off your device. Any couple of minutes wasted from hitting that button or unplugging it could result in severe damage.

Another way to turn the device off is by removing the battery. If your laptop is working with a removable battery, ensure to detach them immediately.

spilled liquid

Let It Drain If You Spilled Liquide

Your drink spilled on the laptop? Don’t panic. Quickly turn it upside down to drain, wipe off excess liquid from screen and keyboard. Place device on a towel and if possible, remove components. Be cautious not to worsen the situation.

Take note that some parts of your device were able to absorb the spilled liquid, make sure to have your laptop rest for at least 24 hours before turning it on. 

Spilled Liquid! Know When to Seek Professional Help

Nothing could beat a knock on a door to someone who is well versed when it comes to such problems. If the steps above are clearly not working, then it is time to seek professional help. They know what’s best in the field.