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Anti-Virus & Firewall Services

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If you want to keep your computer and the information on it safe, it’s important to make sure that your anti-virus and firewall software are both active and up-to-date. Having these programs installed, but not using them, is like locking your door but leaving the window open—you might as well not have them at all. 

Both antivirus and firewall software are essential in keeping your computer protected from online threats such as malware, adware, etc. To make sure they’re both turned on and doing their job, contact us for Anti-Virus & Firewall Services today!

Anti-Virus & Firewall Services

Malware, Adware, what are they?

If you didn’t know,  malware is any malicious software that enters your computer without you knowing it. These can be programs, scripts, or even emails sent to you by someone who wants to spread malware across the Internet. Most of us have received some form of email with an infected document or link inside at one point or another.

Adware, on the other hand, is different. Even though we usually use it as a term for just about any type of unwanted software, adware is actually a specific type of malware that only displays advertisements and only exists to make money. That’s right! If you see pop-ups ads on your computer, the chances are very high that some sort of adware has been installed without you knowing it. 

So, how do we know which one is which?

To put it simply, malware will usually destroy your computer and steal information that you have on it, whereas adware just wants to show you as many ads as possible and profit from those clicks.

Computer service providers like us can ensure your anti-virus and firewall are both running, as well as offer any other computer-related services you might need to protect your investment.

Let us handle that problem for you and give you peace of mind! 

Also, we provide maintenance, repair, upgrade services for computers of all shapes and brands. Protect Your Device with Our Expert Anti-Virus & Firewall Services. So please contact us today at your convenience!

If you need any other kind of computer service relating to ensuring your anti-virus and firewall software are both running, don’t hesitate to ask us! Call us today!