How to fix windows 11 blue screen

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If you are getting a blue screen or error message, fret not for we prepared some tips to fix it. We call this frustrating problem the blue screen of death (BSOD) error. When you get it, then it is most likely that your operating system is crashing which prevents your device from running. 

And who would want an unstable device? No one. So if you come across a blue screen, make sure to try the following fixes.

Follow The Error Message

Definitely, one best way to troubleshoot a BSOD is by following the simple error message flashing on your screen. Scan the QR code provided to jump to the Microsoft support page or visit the website provided and get the stop code provided.

Review Recent Changes

One reason why blue screen of death windows 11  is popping on your screen is because of an incompatible change made on your computer. Traceback to your recently updated windows or installed apps. See if uninstalling or reinstalling programs and software makes a difference. Differentiate the result whether it fixes your issues.

Check For Updates 

As previously mentioned, having incompatible updates on your device could cause a blue screen. However, there are also instances where updating your system and device drivers can help. Sometimes, they also provide troubleshooting options to help you fix whatever is happening on your device.

Run Recovery/Restore System


Launch ‘Open System Restore’ from your Recovery Control Panel and select ‘Scan for affected programs’ then wait for results. The process does not delete any files, instead, it will uninstall any drivers or software you recently installed and reinstall other apps that are safe.