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At CSE, we understand you are looking for expertise, priority treatment, reliability, and professionalism. We are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction!

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Computer Solutions and Exchange, LLC, brings an unmatched commitment to excellence to your computer, and networking projects. We have over 10 years of experience, delivering unsurpassed professionalism, expertise, and value. We take pride in providing our customers with personalized customer service, the highest industry standards, and top quality workmanship.

PC / Laptop Repair

Slow PC? PC won’t start? Windows errors? Whatever your PC issue is, you will receive quick PC service that has your computer running like new again.

Apple Water Damage

Receive expert Mac service to fix: bouncing beachballs, flashing question marks, Macbook cracked screens, non-working keyboards and other Mac issues.

Laptop Screen Replacement

We can replace laptop screens quickly by the same or next day. You’ll receive a precise flat fee for the replacement or fix for your screen.

Apple Water Damage

Receive expert Mac service to fix: bouncing beachballs, flashing question marks, Macbook cracked screens, non-working keyboards and other Mac issues.

PC / Laptop Repair

Slow PC? PC won’t start? Windows errors? Whatever your PC issue is, you will receive quick PC service that has your computer running like new again.

Laptop Screen Replacement

We can replace laptop screens quickly by the same or next day. You’ll receive a precise flat fee for the replacement or fix
for your screen.


Most frequent questions and answers

A: Computer maintenance is an integral part of computer processing. It includes regular antivirus scans, malware protection, and other security measures that help to keep your system safe from outside influences as it runs itself with minimal input required on behalf of your company or organization’s IT staff; this also helps avoid problems before they arise by catching potential issues early when there are still solutions available for them!

A: Computer maintenance issues are essential for having a healthy and stable system. When your computers aren’t functioning optimally, they can be more susceptible to viruses or malware infection, affecting other parts like data recovery if you ever need it (which most people don’t). 

A: System security and stability are critical factors in keeping our data safe. Without proper care for this delicate machine of ours, we’ll end up with all sorts of issues like slowdowns and crashes which can cause much more besides just frustration – not good when there are so many breach warnings out on the market today about hackers looking at profile information such as passwords (which by themselves aren’t always enough).

A: The average person doesn’t know what happens to their computers when recycled. Some of the items that can be found in old computer monitors include copper wiring, which has been used for decades because it’s so effective at transmitting electricity; plastics such as polystyrene (PS), crylics/polycarbonate(PC), PVC-freedom rigid LCDs made from coal tarsand oil; glass lenses containing leaded gasoline also known as “tired” windows Aging fleet vehicles, by law, must undergo an annual safety inspection.

A: Knowing how to set up a computer will help you in many ways. Utilizing this skill can enhance your educational experience and give great life advice for those who may not know what they’re doing with their machines!

A: The average computer lasts about 3-4 years, but with proper care and maintenance, you could get up to 7. If we don’t recycle now, then all these old computers will take up space in our landfills which are precious few resources, as well as make more harmful chemicals occur from natural disasters like Katrina due when they’re thrown away improperly or end up burning down because there’s no place for them anymore!

A: The computer parts that can be recycled are often the case, keyboard, and mouse. These tiny devices have very little material in them, so they’re easily recyclable when it comes time for garbage disposal or recycling center pickups!

A: IT support assists users with their queries related to the functioning of an organization’s information technology infrastructure. The job duties include answering questions about how different technologies work, such as desktops or servers; troubleshooting problems when things go wrong (email won’t deliver messages); providing training on new software applications used by employees – this includes teaching people how they can use these tools more efficiently than ever before! 

A: The decision to replace the screen on a laptop depends on the individual situation, and it’s recommended to consult with a technician or repair professional to help determine if it’s worth the investment.

A: A virus is an infectious agent that can be destructive to your machine if you don’t take action. It might not make any sense, but this will help wipe out pesky bugs like intelligent software programs or macro-based attacks on operating systems, for example! However, these little guys are usually pretty simpleminded, too; only capable of carrying out their assigned tasks without much thought put into them by designers who want maximum efficiency across large populations (and thus low costs).

A: Yes, computers do require maintenance every 6 months. 

A lot of people don’t know that their computer needs servicing, and it’s easy to forget when you’re busy with other things in life like work or family obligations but maintaining your machine will help ensure its longevity as well as increase performance, so if anything should go wrong then there won’t be any issues!

A: To ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues, it is recommended to service computers at least once every 6 months. This includes performing regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning the hardware, updating software, and checking for malware or viruses. Bringing your computer in for service every 6 months can help extend its lifespan and prevent costly repairs down the line.

A: PC servicing is a service that keeps your computer running smoothly.

A lot of people think their computers are working properly just because they can access them and use some essential functions, but this isn’t true if there are any problems with hardware or software on the machine – which may be due to things like outdated security updates for virus protection programs (and other malware). That would make you susceptible not only to cyberattacks by hackers who want personal information such as passwords; it could also leave you wide open when facing legal troubles over something related directly back to gummed-up systems!

A: Is your computer water damaged? Force yourself to take care of this problem as soon as possible because the longer you wait before getting it fixed or replacing parts like batteries, the greater the chances that missing data will become irreversible.

A: The answer to this question is quite simple. You need the right equipment to work properly, but if you have all of that, there’s no problem! The best way I’ve found so far would be by using an external HDD or, even better yet, one with a capacity as high-end as possible because what we’re aiming at here are files and not just pictures – which means either thing will take longer than necessary (for loading) depending on how big our lost data were; another issue could arise when dealing inside a local system where every file might require its copy instead of creating too many new ones resulting into a slow performance, especially during heavy usage sessions.

A: Well, if the problems haven’t gone away after a few days and you’re regularly dealing with issues, your laptop may have reached its end. The signs will vary depending upon what kind of equipment you use for work, but some telltale indicators include slow loading times; error messages popping up all over the screen whenever anything is tried (even just refreshing); odd noises coming from insides like fan speeds changing unexpectedly or DVD drives timing out while trying read media – these can indicate hardware failure more specifically which means there could be other components involved beyond simply aging technology at this point!

A: Virus infections can come from many places, and the most common way to contact them is through email attachments. However, you could also receive one on your computer if it was infected by a friend who’d saved their files without encryption or, worse, clicked “Open” without knowing what they were clicking into!

A: You need to take your laptop in for service. A cracked screen can be fixed, but it will cost you more than just fixing the problem at home with some dishwashing liquid and elbow grease! The pros of getting professional help: they know what they’re doing- plus there’s no risk because if things don’t work out right,, then their warranty covers any damages done by them repairing or replacing parts. In contrast, ours does not cover physical damage, so make sure this doesn’t happen again before paying someone else.

A: No, a cracked computer screen cannot be fixed from the inside. The screen of a computer is made up of several layers, including the outer glass or plastic layer, the LCD or LED panel, and the backlight. If the screen is cracked, it typically means that the outer layer of the screen has been damaged, and this requires physical replacement of the screen. Attempting to fix the screen from the inside without proper training and equipment can lead to further damage to the computer or even personal injury. We recommended to bring your computer to our qualified technician or repair professional who can safely and effectively replace the screen for you.

A: There are several ways you can troubleshoot your computer, and we’ll go over them with an example. First of all, it’s essential that when having problems arise in the future for any specific issue or problem-solution combination, then try basics like turning off unneeded programs before going further into diagnosing what might have caused those errors to begin with because this may clear up some issues on its own without needing additional intervention from us at all!