How To Fix Windows Updates Issue

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Windows errors are usually popping on your screen as a warning that the page is either busy or not responding. There are various reasons why these errors show on your screen but you are surely bound to do some fixing yourself to avoid your computer from malfunctioning.

Once your Windows displays a pop up error, your best move is to click okay or close the program to continue what you were supposed to be doing before the error pops up on the screen.

There are several steps  you need to take in order to stop or disable the Windows error pop up from being a nuisance to your day. Let us see how to fix your problem.

  1. Load the webpage. There could just be a sudden site maintenance so not doing much and just reloading the webpage may solve your problem.
  2. Update Windows. Ensure that your web browser is updated to prevent script conflicts and site malfunctioning.
  3. Load other websites. The current website which had a Windows popup error could have a glitch or an error in its script. Check if other websites are working other than the one you are currently having issues with.
  4. Switch. There are other web browsers available. Make sure to utilize them to determine the main source of your problem.
  5. Try a different device. If you have another device, try to access the same web browser or website, and if the error is not popping on the screen then your end could be having a technical problem.
  6. Clear data. The computer could face difficulties script reading when overloaded with data. Make sure to clear your cache or any temporary data to free some space.
  7. Reset. Your computer must be having internal issues, or overheating. Make sure to restart and let it cool down. 

Ask for help. If none ever works and the Windows error pop up is still displayed on screen, let the experts diagnose and fix the problem. It may cost a bit much but you are sure to save your device.