repair laptop charging port

How to fix charging port on laptop

Is your laptop’s charger plugged in but won’t turn on? While using your laptop, you notice that the battery is almost spent. Then, you must locate and plug in your charger. 

You should be good once the electricity is connected, but nothing happens when you plug in the AC adapter. There are no flashing lights, an illuminating display, or a corner indicating that the battery is charging. What might be the problem?

The charging circuit of your laptop is likely in need of repair. Some of the symptoms that indicate that your charging port is defective include the following:

  • Despite the charger being plugged in, your battery is still running.
  • The laptop’s power light does not turn on when you plug in the charger.
  • Your charger’s battery light does not turn on when you connect it.
  • Your laptop won’t turn on.
  • A warning saying the battery is not charging does not show up. 

Inspect The Laptop Charger Port

Before diagnosing your laptop charging circuit’s problem, one of the basic laptop charging port repair is you must first test the charger using a multimeter. If the charger functions, the issue lies somewhere else. If the charger isn’t working, you’ll need to replace it, and hopefully, it will resolve your issue. 

Your battery is not working if the battery circuit is not supplying it with the proper voltage. In the case where the battery circuit isn’t providing the battery with the necessary voltage, the problem might be your charging circuit. 

Test The DC Jack Of Your Laptop

The tiny port where you insert your charging wire is called a DC Jack. They’re frequently used, which makes them susceptible to breaking over time. Problems in DC jacks are usually caused by bad solder joints, broken cables, and damaged pins inside the jack.

Sometimes you can’t identify the issue from the outside, so you need to open your laptop and thoroughly look inside. If you don’t feel comfortable to do this procedure contact a computer store in Kansas City  . 

Ensure You’re Using The Appropriate USB-C Port

Another way to fix a charger port on a laptop is checking the right connection. USB-C is a well-known cross-platform standard for connecting devices, moving data, and recharging batteries. Although the updated standard permits thinner gadgets, certain USB-C ports have been data-only by specific manufacturers. This could be the reason why your charging circuit is not functioning.  

Some USB-C devices come with two ports: one that can be used for charging or data transfer and another that is strictly for data transfer. If you’re experiencing charging problems, ensure you are connected to the proper USB-C circuit. A small symbol showing which port is for charging may be visible on the side.

Seek A Technician’s Help

Fix laptop charger port sometimes can be hard,  If you still can’t figure out what’s wrong with your laptop’s charging circuit, it’s time to ask for help from a professional. Go to a computer repair shop and inform the technician of the problems you’ve encountered with your charging port. The repair personnel will take it from there and ensure you won’t have to deal with faulty charging circuits again. 


It can be hard to fix your laptop’s charging circuit. It’s best if you ask help from computer technicians to avoid causing further damage to your device.