How to send in hp laptop for repair

Does your laptop display error warnings, load applications slowly, or power off without notice? These might be signs that you need to get your laptop repaired

While there could be a variety of causes that can damage a laptop, some of the most typical warning signs include the following:

  • The battery is not charging.
  • The laptop shuts down without warning.
  • Programs launch or operate slowly.
  • The laptop gets too warm to hold.
  • There are problems with the Bluetooth or WiFi connections.
  • The keyboard stops working.
  • The laptop’s screen is broken or cracked.
  • The laptop is infected with malware or a virus.

If your laptop exhibits some of the symptoms listed above, it’s time to bring it to the repair station. However, different models of laptops require specific methods of repair. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to send an HP laptop for repair. 

Before sending your laptop for repairs, remember to be careful to who you give access to your device. Ensure your data is backed-up and all personal information is deleted or encrypted. Keep the software keys safe and make it easy for the repair agent to open your device. 

Contact HP

The first step you need to do is to schedule an appointment with an authorized HP service center. The HP representative will determine whether the laptop needs to be sent to a repair center or not. 

If it needs to get repaired, the HP agent will arrange for your laptop to be picked up. The repair typically takes 5 to 10 business days, including delivery. 

If you prefer to have your laptop fixed in your house, you can contact another certified repair center that allows doorstep service. 

Cost Of Fixing HP Laptops

The cost for professional repairs generally starts at $300. However, if you’re convinced that your laptop only needs a screen replacement, you can spend as little as $50 to $100 buying one online. If you’re confident to install it yourself, it’ll take you approximately only an hour or two.

How Long It Takes For HP To Repair Your Laptop

Usually, repairs only take 5 to 20 business days. You can use the HP Repair Status website to keep tabs on your repair. If parts need to be ordered elsewhere, your restoration can take longer than expected. Other factors, such as delivery problems, are beyond HP’s control. 

You can contact other computer repair service centers if you need to get your laptop fixed immediately. Just ensure they’re certified and legit before entrusting them with your laptop. 

Can I Claim HP Warranty?

Yes, you can claim your HP warranty by going to the support page of HP’s official website and proceeding to HP Care Pack. After choosing the product family, the product series, and the product type for which you want the extended warranty, click “submit.”


Remember that as much as possible, you shouldn’t fix your laptop on your own as much as possible because it might result in even more significant damages. Find a reliable computer repair service that you can trust with all the information stored on your laptop.