How to measure laptop size

Measure the height and width of your laptop, staring at the screen. Place the tape measure where you can see the screen’s end, then measure diagonally up from the edge of the screen to the black enclosure surrounding it. You’ll also want to include the screen’s thickness. You can convert these measurements to centimeters. Make sure to include all rounded edges. Then, you’ll be able to choose the proper size case or bag for your laptop. Place the tape measure on a flat surface, such as a table. Measure the height of your laptop, then add about half an inch. Avoid under-measuring your notebook, as you want to avoid ending up with a sleeve that sticks out. Next, measure the screen. Usually, screen size is measured diagonally, but different regions use different systems. You can use a ruler if you don’t have a tape measure. You can connect your laptop to a projector or monitor to get the screen’s dimensions.

You can also measure the depth of your laptop. The retailer often provides the measurement. Some retailers may use centimeters instead, so check the measurements. Once you have these measurements, you can choose the best case or bag for your laptop. Before buying a laptop case or suitcase, take the screen measure. Taking measurements will ensure you can purchase a manageable case or bag. Taking accurate measurements will help you choose the right size and avoid returning a sleeve that is too small or too big.

In addition to the screen’s dimensions, you should also measure the width and height of your laptop. While the two measurements are similar, laptops come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you buy a laptop bag or case to accommodate your computer correctly. The most vital factor is the size of your laptop. The size of your computer should have about an inch of clearance on the sides and top. You want to buy a bag that is a manageable size. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to use it. There are many styles and types of laptop cases and bags, but some primary factors are essential for any laptop bag or case.