how to fix a broken screen on a laptop

The most common issue for laptop owners is a cracked screen on their computer. The most crucial component of a laptop is its incredibly fragile screen. The user cannot see any system activity if the screen is damaged. One of the most annoying issues a consumer might have is a broken laptop screen. Nevertheless, the laptop screen can be easily fixed in a few simple steps. You will discover how to fix the damaged laptop screen with the assistance of this guide.

Before changing the laptop’s screen, it is advised that you try troubleshooting the system. There could be other system problems causing the additional damage you observe on your screen. Here are some examples:

  • The presentation of text and images clearly could be affected by pixel issues. Viewing on the screen may arise if some of the pixels in a specific location are broken.
  • The backlight might blame if images appear on the screen very dimly. The screen’s path to being correctly visible would be blocked, causing difficulties. A latch may be trapped in a closed position whenever the laptop is opened. The lighting switches, in this case, are close to the laptop’s hinges, so you must locate them. Use a tiny pin to pry it open, then release the clasp.
  • If the screen is entirely white, the issue can be caused by a shoddy wired connection between the system board and the screen. All you have to do is to see if the links are connected correctly by opening the laptop.

However, if the broken screen is to blame for the image issue, you must replace it. Follow the actions below to achieve this:

Step 1

It would help if you first got a screen compatible with your laptop’s models.


Please turn off the laptop, disconnect it from the outlet, and take out the battery before running the test.

Step 3

Use a screwdriver to place the screws holding the laptop’s screen and release them. Your laptop’s screen is held in place by 4 to 6 screws. The bottom of the plastic frame is where you’ll find these.

Step 4

After removing all the screws, carefully separate the screen from the plastic bezel. The best method for finishing it is to roll your finger around the bezel as a whole lightly. Pull the screen away gently once you’ve separated it from the bezel. If the screen still doesn’t come out, see if any screws are still attached.

Step 5

The bezel is encased in a metal frame, which is visible when you detach it. To see the metal frame, you must angle the screen. Your laptop’s screen will softly separate from its casing, exposing the wires between it and the monitor. The two significant cables can be found. The video wire is the first, followed by the inverter power cable. The connection wire between the laptop and display must be taken out. The inverter wire should remain in place.

Step 6

Install the new screen into the shell after separating the old one. By turning on the laptop, make sure the screen is functioning efficiently. After making sure the screen is working correctly, shut down the computer. Screws are now used to secure the LEDs, and plastic or rubber coverings are placed over them.

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