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So you’ve got an old computer or hard drive that you don’t use anymore. What do you do with it? You could recycle it, but what if there’s still valuable data on it that you don’t want to lose?

Don’t worry, for we’re here to help you! We offer back up computer service such as File Transfer From Old Computer or Back-up Services such as:

  • How to back up mac computer
  • How to back up computer to OneDrive 
  • How to back up computer to google drive 
  • How to back up computer in windows

Our technicians can transfer your files from any old computer or hard drive into a new one. This allows you to keep the music and pictures that you’ve worked so hard to create, or keeps those business documents safe without having to buy an expensive computer upgrade.

Why is it important to transfer files from an old computer or back-up to your new device?  Well, to put it simply – data loss. 

Over time hard drives tend to: fail to read and/or write files or even stop working completely (which is why we’re here!), the hardware fails to work; you lose your computer; etc. 

This creates a problem when transferring old files into a new device because you could end up losing them all.

We offer: File Transfer From Old Computer and Back-up and more!

So, if you’ve got an old computer or drive that you want to transfer your files from, give us a call today!

As for back-ups, we provide many services such as Back-up of Files From Your Old Computer! We’ll bring all the data on your old disks onto your new ones in no time. You can even take us up on our Customized Bulk Transfer service to save money by transferring more than just one disk at a time! Just give us a call and we’ll do whatever we can to help you protect yourself against loss.

When you’re done protecting yourself with our custom services, give us a call and we’ll recycle the computer or hard drive for you! We’ll take all that extra weight off your hands while also helping protect the environment.