Remote Monitoring

Your support resource for resolving issues with your LAN.

Today’s mission-critical business applications, including VoIP communications, rely on a smooth-running Local Area network (LAN). The array of switches, routers, firewalls, and cables needs to be properly configured and regularly managed. When it doesn’t work, customers and employees can experience call quality issues, unavailable applications, and downtime while you scramble to find support.

Remote IT to the rescue
Available per incident or through a monthly subscription, CSE Remote IT Support provides access to certified US-based IT professionals to help you resolve issues in your LAN.

Following are some of the issues Remote IT Support can assist you with:

Network Diagnosis
Router troubleshooting, configuration, and management
Cloud service provider support
Firewall troubleshooting, configuration, and management
VPN troubleshooting, configuration, and management
Wireless access point support
Third party vendor management (hardware, software and service providers)
Web host support
Asset reporting
Network peripheral support (printers, scanners, fax machines)
​Purchasing advice, support