Laptop AC DC Power Jack Repair

Laptop AC DC Power Jack Repair
Does my laptop need to have it’s DC jack replaced?

Although it is a good idea to have us diagnosis the problem for you, there are several symptoms that your laptop will display if you do in fact have a bad jack.

The light that indicates charging with turn on and off as you wiggle the AC adapter.
You have to hold the AC adapter plug in a certain position in order for it to charge.
You notice that even when the laptop is plugged in with AC, it is still running on battery.
The laptop shuts down randomly when the AC adapter is moved or plugged in.
Excessive temperature from the area of the DC jack.
Smoke or the smell of burning plastic.
The plastic pieces around the area of the DC jack are falling apart.
Loose or sloppy connection when plugging in the AC adapter.
DC jack just fell out of the computer.
We will take a look at your laptop and can usually determine if the jack is bad before we have to take it apart. We will test your AC Adapter to make sure it is putting out the correct voltage and to make sure it is not the cause of the bad DC jack, or just bad itself.

What can cause the DC jack to go bad on my laptop?

There are certain a few things that can cause the DC jack to break or come loose over time. One of the most common things to happen is when a laptop is dropped of a desk with the AC adapter connected to it. If the computer lands on the AC adapter this can push the DC jack into the laptop causing it to break. Another is if the AC adapter is accidentally ripped out of the laptop (usually someone trips over the cord while it is plugged in) breaking the DC jack. Here are a few other examples of how they can break:

Poor overall design of the DC jack and its placement. Some of these jacks are held on by just a couple small connections.
Bad AC adapters. They can overheat the solder points causing the jack to come loose over time.
Incorrect AC Adapter used. If you use an oversized one, smaller one, or completely incorrect one, you can damage the jack and even the motherboard!
The average repair time for a DC jack is 48 hours if we have the jack in stock. If we do not have the jack in stock or if it is a special order it could take up to three days. Most jacks we can get sent to us overnight.