March 2012

Computer Repair

Serving the Kansas City area, CSE offers a wide range of computer and electronic repair, as well as corporate IT and business services. Despite our name, CSE’s expertise extends beyond computer repair. We provide general computer repair (desktops and servers), LCD replacement, data recovery, and IT business services to the Kansas City region. CSE offers a full range of computer service to Kansas City’s busy professionals and we’re backed by 15+ years of computer repair trust from our customers.

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IT Consulting

Budget friendly IT Consulting with a focus on making the right business decisions. With consulting services provided with CSE, you can reap the benefits of advanced technology and knowing you’ve made a good investment. Computer Solutions and Exchange delivers complete IT Outsourcing and services that help you attain balance between your technology and your business.

With a solid IT Consulting plan from Network Tech you’ll receive:

Remote Monitoring

Your support resource for resolving issues with your LAN.

Today’s mission-critical business applications, including VoIP communications, rely on a smooth-running Local Area network (LAN). The array of switches, routers, firewalls, and cables needs to be properly configured and regularly managed. When it doesn’t work, customers and employees can experience call quality issues, unavailable applications, and downtime while you scramble to find support.

Laptop AC DC Power Jack Repair

Laptop AC DC Power Jack Repair
Does my laptop need to have it’s DC jack replaced?

Although it is a good idea to have us diagnosis the problem for you, there are several symptoms that your laptop will display if you do in fact have a bad jack.

Data Recovery

Data recovery for hard drives

Each year, hundreds of new models of hard drives are manufactured, each from a different company with different designs. This also means hundreds of new points of failure that our data recovery engineers need to be prepared for. Thanks to ongoing research and development into data recovery techniques, our engineers are experts in hard drive data recovery, whether from desktops, laptops or external and portable hard drives.

Data recovery for solid-state drives

Spyware Virus Removal

For all of symptons you need Spyware Virus Removal service at our store.

1. My computer speaks to me: There are all types of pop-ups and messages on the desktop either advertising things, saying that the PC is infected and needs protection… This is a typical, surefire case of an infection. There is either spyware on the computer, or it has been infected by a fake antivirus (also called “rogue ware”).