Laptop Screen Repair/Replace

Our in-store Computer Repair Services include laptop, apple and pc repairs, virus removal, data recovery, screen replacements, computer diagnosis and upgrades.

Laptop Psychical Damage – laptop screen showing stains or “like octopus ink being injected into the screen, or a sort of growing plume”? This is a physical failure of the glass foil, and can’t be repaired. The only thing that can fix your laptop is replacing/ repair the screen.

Dim light on laptop screen – This can be easily spot by taking the screen in a bright light, or using a flash light – you can see things on the screen, but in a dim light. This is a screen inverter failure or a back-light failure. Both of them having the same symptoms make it harder to diagnose without special measuring equipment, like a voltmeter. For this you have to take the screen apart and reach the inverter. If the inverter showing standard values, then you are facing a back-light problem. BE AWARE THAT A SHORT ON THE INVERTER PINS CAN BURN YOUR MOTHERBOARD. Proceed with caution and on your own risk. Standard LCDs produce very little light, so they need Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light (CCFL) to light the screen. The fluorescent tube is located at the bottom of the screen, and a bright reflective surface distributes the light across the back of the LCD, so it can shine through the liquid crystals of the liquid crystal display, which only transmit red, green or blue (RGB). Replacing a back-light can be a very difficult task on some screen models, and require a lot of patience and experience. Also, your screen showing predominant red or pink color, that means that your back light had its days and need to be replaced. With a large replacement parts inventory, our low-cost computer screen repair CSE can take care same day of your LCD screen problems.

The laptop display is scrambles or getting worse with time. This is because the video processor is overheating due to failure of the cooling fan, clogging or obstruction of exhaust vents. The best way to avoid the laptop overheating problems is running the laptop on a flat surface, with some open space to all sides, and not on a soft surface like a bed. Using a laptop cooling system, will keep you away from a lot of laptop overheating problems.

The laptop display showing horizontal lines – that could be because the ribbon cable connecting the LCD with the motherboard has worn and need to be replaced or in the worst case the contacts on the display edge have separated, which means that you will need a the whole LCD unit replaced. We are expert in providing computer repair screen for damaged Laptop LCD Screens. We provide best quality, brand new A+++ replacement LCD for all major Laptop Brands.

We will be very happy in assisting you in computer screen repair.